About Brianna

Brianna Deterling is a sculptural artist who primarily works with clay.  Her work is influenced by her childhood experiences playing outside amongst a snowmobile junk yard, exploring the woods around her home, building forts, reading and watching fantasy stories, and being around her family’s collecting habits.  Deterling received a BFA and MA in Ceramics from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and an MFA in Ceramics from Stephen F. Austin State University.  Her work has exhibited nationally and internationally, most notably at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Amarillo Museum of Art, and the Chihuahua Institute of Culture in Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico.  She is currently an Adjunct Instructor at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN.  


Artist Statement

My current work is inspired by collected objects ranging from valuable treasures to found objects with no extrinsic value.  

I draw inspiration from my family’s various collections, my former collections, and the objects seen at antique stores.  Today, I do not actively collect objects and it has made me question why we collect.  What is it that naturally attracts us to certain objects that we must find and keep them?    

My sculptures are decorative, similar to collected objects that are carefully displayed in homes.  I use a variety of materials, designs, and surface treatments that reflect a sense of wonder, nostalgia, and desire.  The freedom of using various fabrication techniques and mixed media gives me endless possibilities to fully develop and express my ideas in the different series within the overall theme. 



SFASU y UACH: Quince Años de Cerámica (SFASU and UACH: Fifteen Years of Ceramics), Centro de Desarrollo Cultural del Instituto de Cultura del Municipio de Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico - October 7 - November 7, 2019

97th Annual All Media Exhibition, The Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor, MI - October 18 - November 20, 2019

Remnants: What’s Left Behind, Specto Art Space, Harrisonburg, VA - October 31 - December 1, 2019